Maria Ashiana


(Unit of Don Bosco group of Institutions)

Maria Ashiana program was developed under Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala, Mumbai, in 1998, to address the problem of substance/alcohol abuse among street children.

Then situation: In those days there were thousands of young children/youth, roaming around the streets of Mumbai. Most of them engaged themselves in scrap picking, shoe shining, begging, work in wedding contracts, etc. Because of the unprotected and harsh living environments, most of those children/youth would get into drugs/alcohol use. In those days when we brought these youngsters into Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala. Our primary need was to address this problem of addiction but there were hardly any interventions to assist this need.

Thus we took a decision to develop a special program under the direction of Fr. Barnabe D’Souza sdb. As part of Shelter Don Bosco, in the year 1998, we started a project for drugs/alcohol Rehab for Street children, at Lonavla. After a successful pilot project in 2005, the current structure for Maria Ashiana was developed within the Don Bosco Lonavla campus.

The present situation of young addicts from the economically weaker section:

When it comes to addiction, it is not confined to any particular strata or class in society. Without any distinction, youngsters tend to get in to use of drugs or alcohol.  In Maharashtra alone, there are hundreds of drug rehab centers but the Youth from the weaker sections, financially cannot afford to avail the services of these Rehab services. This means, because of their poor economic situation, these young addicts, even when they desire to get healed of addiction, they have very few resources. Seeing this need Don Bosco has open the door to such youth for healing of addiction at Maria Ashiana.

Criteria for admission in Maria Ashiana:

Age: 18 to 25 years, unmarried, young men.
From:  should be from economically weaker situations like, from the Streets, Slums, Migrants, Villages, or from Institutions.

Important condition: The candidate should be personally willing to join the 4 monthly Rehab programs without any parental or any external force.

Fees: Maria Ashiana is an Open House, i.e. even though the program cost is very high, yet there are NO fixed fees but the candidates are encouraged to contribute as per their ability. In reality, they can afford to pay the very minimum.

Duration of the program: Four months Residential program.
Unlike most of the Rehab programs, Maria Ashiana is an Open house i.e. the inmates are not kept forcefully under lock and key or against their will.The core of the Program: The entire program is based on Don Bosco’s educative principles of Reason, Spirituality, and Loving Kindness.

 5 stage program. :

  • Identifying , preparing the candidate for Detox and Rehab.
  • This is clinical process done in the hospital.
  • Four months Residential rehab program at Maria Ashiana.
  • Skill training or job placement.
  • Integration into the larger society.

Facilities offered:

  • Boarding and lodging.
  • Health care and medical needs.
  • Prayers, Meditation, yoga.
  • Counselling, group and individual Therapy sessions.
  • Building personal plan.
  • Recreation and celebration of festivals and functions.
  • Manual work .
  • Education to Environment.
  • Basic spoken English.
  • Hobbies

By the end of the Rehab program, they are motivated to join a short-term skill training program or job placement.
Parents are counseled to provide positive hand-holding support to reintegrate into society.
Outgoing candidates are kept in contact through phone or WhatsApp. They are encouraged to keep in touch with Maria Ashiana, especially for ongoing hand-holding and counseling support.

You can make a significant contribution through your positive Collaboration.

  1. Spreading the message among the young adults from the poorest section about Maria Ashiana.
  2. Celebrating Birthdays, Anniversaries, Festivals by sponsoring a day’s meals.
  3. Spending a day with our boys with your family, at Maria Ashiana.
  4. Offering periodical Professional help in Counselling and Therapy.
  5. Assistance in connecting us with Donors & Resources.
  6. Sponsoring a Boy.

Together let us Heal the world. Don Bosco building future for the Disadvantaged Youth.

For more Information

Maria Ashiana,
Behind Don Bosco School,
Samshanghat road, Tungarli
Lonavala- 410401.

Phone: 9890907774


Contact person: Fr. Xavier Devadas sdb. (Director)