Development Work

Social Outreach work

Since 2020, the community of Don Bosco Lonavla has taken up the  coordination of the social outreach program of the three villages of Vaksai, Karanduli and Mundhvare, in the vicinity of Lonavla from Fr. Barnabe D’souza.

To efficiently undertake this task, Don Bosco Lonavla has engaged two part time staff who dedicate 2 hours daily to assist with our social outreach programs. In addition to this, we also have one person in each village who acts as a liaison between the social outreach staff and the villagers.

Ensuring that each individual in the villages obtains an adhaar card and  caste certificate and learns self employment skills which are but few of the objectives of our work. Children’s education and making the villagers aware of the various government schemes and motivating them to pursue the schemes are the other objectives we are striving to achieve in the villages.

Taking our school, college students and our aspirants who desire to become Salesians to the villages is making them aware of the rich-poor divide and creating in them an awareness of social responsibility. Once we find the villagers are able to stand on their own two feet, we move to another three villages in the vicinity to continue the same. And we pray that our journey continues to reach out to the villages and assist them with our works.